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The Podcast: eReaders

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Nathan and I managed to get together some more podcast material.  This stuff is all from last year, it's just been sitting on hard drives and mini-discs for months upon months.  Here is the first thing we're going to release, which ironically is the last thing that we've recorded.  There is more to come, hopefully shortly.

There are a few different ways you can get the podcast.  The first is just by downloading it from this page, which will work fine.  More elegant is to visit The Podcast's special page [tpc] or the most special of them all (and the most iPod/iPhone friendly) is by downloading our podcast feed in iTunes [tpf].  I'm working on getting it submitted to the iTunes music store, but for now those work.

And yes again there is more on the way, we won't wait until next August to publish episode three.

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Matthew Good interview / Podcast

Mgposter So what was the big news that I've been teasing you with like a stripper in a hands off Las Vegas joint?  Well yesterday I interviewed Matthew Good for eVent! magazine in the Okanagan and am putting the complete audio of the interview online for your enjoyment as a podcast and streaming from the site here.

Because the sound I was recording on my iMac was sounding terribly shitty today there's no spoken intro to the interview, it just kicks right into the main feature after the theme music.  I would like to point out that I realize the wording on my question about Iraq is probably the most round-about way of asking something in the history of man and yes I do sound like an idiot there.

I'm also a bit sad that I didn't remember to ask about things like his views on Arsenal's somewhat terrible season in the Premiership this year, and Thierry Henry's breaking of Ian Wright's goal scoring record for the Gunners the other day, but I pulled the eject lever too soon.

If you enjoyed the interview check out my previous podcasts including my interview with Jann Arden.

MP3 File

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Podcast / Canucks

Two things quickly for now.

First I've ordered a new microphone from Apple to do my Podcast on. It'll really improve the audio for the segments of the Podcast that I do at my computer. I'll still have to use the iTalk and my iPod for any mobile recording. Until it comes, which should be about a week, I'm not doing another Podcast. Once it's here I'll try to throw something together right quick.

Secondly I've put down $200 for seats for the Vancouver Canucks. I'm just going for the Ice Pack, either a 11 or a 15 game package of tickets. I put down enough for two because Chad had been interested in getting some and since it's refundable I figured I might as well price it out. If I did buy two tickets, as opposed to just getting seats for myself, then I can either sell the extra online or find someone to go with me.

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Use iTunes to listen to my Podcast

If you've got the newest version of iTunes, remember it's free, then you can not only listen to my Podcast but you can have iTunes automatically download it.  That's right all you have to do is go into the "Advanced" menu and select "Subscribe To Podcast".  What happens next is that a box will appear on your screen and you paste in and then hit okay.  iTunes will automatically download the most recent show, which in this case will be today's Tarzan Dan interview, and presto you're ready to go.

You can then either listen to it on your computer, or load it onto your iPod for listening on the go.

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Podcast #7: Tarzan Dan

Dan Freeman, known across Canada as Tarzan Dan from his eight years as host of YTV's The Hit List, is the new host of SUN FM's morning show in Kelowna BC. I interviewed him for eVent! magazine.

MP3 File

I also realize this podcast is a bit quieter than most. I'm sorry, I need to buy some new recording equipment. More so now that I put my iTalk microphone adapter for my iPod through the wash after I forgot it in my pants' pocket.

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Podcast #6: the rainbow show

I interview Christopher Grignard the writer and director of the new play Orchard Drive that deals with growing up gay in Kelowna. Also in the interview is actor Garett Spelliscy who plays one of the leads.

Christopher is the first one to answer my question, just so you know who is who. I also play some music and talk a bit about the decision to legislate same-sex marriage in Canada.

MP3 File

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