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Vancouver internet start-ups in The Georgia Straight

One of the things I told students at the Canadian University Press conference

that I spoke at was to always take any assignment offered [jks].  The life of a freelance writer is such that we really never know what will be our last job, and saying no to work is always a risk especially when you're trying to build a relationship with a publication.  While I've been writing for The Georgia Straightfor over a year the spacing between each article is long enough that I'm always a little concerned that maybe they'll forget about me.  The technology section only really has one regular writer (Blaine Kyllo) and having heard enough stories about freelancers who said no to one job and had publications just assume that they were no longer interested in writing, I pretty much say yes to anything and everything. 

Boris Mann & Maura Rodgers. Taken by Stephen Hui for The Georgia StraightLooking back on it I probably should have said no to an article being due just over a week after my wedding.  However I had been pitching the story since I first started writing for the Straightand it was the fall technology issue so it was hard to say no.  I also completely underestimated how much work a wedding was, and moving my wife into my apartment would be.  Which is a long way of being honest and saying that tech editor Stephen Hui had to do a lot more on this one than normal and so while I think the interviews went well the structure of the article is mostly thanks to Stephen, in however good it is.  Anything wrong with it is my fault.

The article is in the Straighttoday and on-line [tgs].  It turned out well in the end though I think if I ever do my song and dance for mold-able minds, I'll ad weddings as an exception of a time when begging off an assignment is probably a good idea. 

A last note about the article that

I feel I should mention is that I did a lot of interviews with people that did not make it into the finished article.  It turned out that I just had too much material and given that it takes at least 100-300 words to introduce and give details about a start-up company, some of the ones I spoke with had to be left out in order to keep in the assigned space.  Those interviews however aren't going to be lost, and I'll be turning them into short pieces for The Georgia Straight's website's tech section [tgs] over the next week or two. 

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So we got our Photobooth Vancouver photos

 Apart from deciding to actually get married

121296-logo we made three really important choices I think.  We found the right venue in the Heritage Hall on Main Street in Vancouver.  It's a lovely old building that didn't re quire much decorating and had that air of history without being anything so formal as a church.  We got great caterers in Presto Catering, who laid on a full Italian style feast for us with pastas, chicken and salmon.  Lastly we hired Photobooth Vancouver [pbv] to do two hours worth of photoboothing rather than buy everyone a wedding favour.

In fact everyone's wedding favours were the photos that they took, at no charge to them, in the photobooth.  Everyone had a blast, and I think in retrospect we wish we'd hired  the photobooth for at least an extra hour if not more, and seemed to really get into having their pictures taken and getting to keep their own unique souvenirs of our wedding.  Best of all after about two weeks we got a disc in the mail with all of the photobooth prints that everyone got to take home, plus the individual photos that make up the prints.  That's 500 photos which have been loading onto my Flickr account all day.  The full Flickr set of our pictures can be found on my Flickr account [fkr].

 121676-logo 121616-logo 121528-logo 121328-logo

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