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Rejected wedding invitation ideas

We've been working on the wording on our save-the-date cards and our wedding invitations, but yet oddly enough every suggestion I come up with gets rejected. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, so I'm throwing it out to the masses. Below are some of my rejected wedding invitation pitches, phrases and slogans. Read through them and leave a comment supporting my vision for what really ought to go on the invitations.  With the overwhelming support of the public, she'll have no choice but to let me write the invitations my way.

  • "Yo we're having a wedding, why don't you come?"
  • "Neither of us are preggers & we're still getting married. It must be love."
  • "We have so few friends, so please come or it'll be sad."
  • "If you're planning on taking your own life, hold off until after August Ninth."
  • "If you promise not to eat much we'd love to have you at our special day."
  • "No babies."
  • "No Homers."
  • "Yes I'll probably look fat in the suit, deal with it."
  • "Star Trek Themed."
  • "Marriage FTW."
  • "No MC Hammer Rap Pants."
  • "BYOB"
  • "Admission $45"
  • "With special guests The Mighty Mighty Bosstones"
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The ring is the thing and other terrible titles

Ring_2 Lydia was away for the last two weeks at her parents.  They've recently sold their motel in Bracebridge Ontario which served as both their home and business for the last five years and so that meant moving homes.  With Lydia's mother going to Mexico to visit family for a week they needed Lydia's help to get everything packed up and ready for the move.

While she was away I lived the bachalor life, which mainly consisted of being less tidy and staying up all night to play Grand Theft Auto IV and Mario Kart.  With her back today I dragged Nathan down to Bellingham to pick up the engagement ring [ial] that she had picked out a few weeks ago.  We had not been able to take it at the time, because it was off getting resized, and I wanted to have it for when she got back.

Having picked the ring (pictured above) yesterday, I picked her up from the airport today.  I had debated pretending to not have already proposed and doing a big showy thing where I got down on one knee in the arrivals area of Vancouver Airport, but decided instead to give it to her in private.

Less romantic perhaps, but also less chance of airport security deciding that we were acting suspicious and roughing us up.

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What else I'm getting aside from a puppy


If you've known me for awhile you probably remember the single days.  The long, long, single days.  In fact you just have to take a look at this blog's "Being Single / Dating" category [jks] to see the last few single years.  In fact back in university I had thought that I could somehow spin my single-dom into a career, since people seemed to enjoy reading articles of my disastrous romantic adventures [teotw].

Lydia and I have been going out pretty much since we first met after she responded to an ad that I put up on Craigslist.  The ad was put up very much in the spirit of, "Well if this doesn't work out at least I'll have something to write about" and so that it actually worked and I've gotten a long term relationship out of it is very surprising to me.  Delightfully surprising.

Last week the two of us went down to Seattle for her birthday and had dinner at The Dahlia Lounge [td], where after the "Cougar Gold, fried green tomatoes, Bavarian beer vinegar, mustard" appetizer was cleared I asked her to marry me and much to my relief she said yes.  So we are now officially, though currently ring-lessly, engaged.

It's been just over a week, but I've wanted to keep it quiet because my parents were on a cruise in Asia and I wanted to tell our folks before we let anyone else into the secret.  Last night I surprised the family with it, and Lydia told her mother over the phone, so now that all the one degrees know, we're letting other people in on it.

So yeah, I'm getting married.  On April 21st. 

Just kidding.  Probably next spring or summer depending on a few factors. 

Photo credit

  • Photo by: Jeffery Simpson
  • What: Lydia at home
  • Date Taken: October 19th, 2007
  • Camera: Canon EOS Rebel XTi [fkr]
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A late night and an early morning

Marvel Civil War, originally uploaded by ZacharyTirrell.

After a day off double feature (Children of Men and Pan's Labyrinth) with Lydia I went home late last night. I was anxious to get home from about three o'clock on because when we stopped by Golden Age so that I could get my weekly comics I saw that Civil War 7 had arrived and after like a million months I wanted to find out what happened and how it all wrapped up.

Getting home about ten in the evening I read all of my books and then went to bed. I've been up since 5:30 am so that I could write my article for the magazine before work. I'm tired and now once I've posted this I'm going to do the math to see how much time I can spend in bed.

Let's see if it takes half an hour to walk to work, add to that the forty minutes it takes to get ready....

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Going down to Seattle: friends, food and fun

T_jackbig Lydia's done and gone blogged about our trip down to Seattle last week [dp].  She beat me to the punch, and left me with not a lot else to add for anyone whose taken a look at her site.  Still I'll try to drop a few words about the subject.

I had two days off from work, my weekend falls on a mid-week Tues/Wed combo as opposed to the more traditional Sat/Sun, and Lydia had gotten three off so we decided to head down to Seattle.  I had been wanting to see Jeff for a bit, and just fancied a drive.

Leaving Tuesday in the early afternoon we had lunch at Jack-in-the-Box in Bellingham.  Jack-in-the-Box is a wonderful example of good fast food.  Okay so the portions are too big, a medium there is the equivalent to a Canadian large or super-sized, but the food is actually really nice.  The Sourdough Jack that I had was really yum. 

Next we headed to Redmond which is the home of Microsoft.  There was a bit of tension in the car as I had a hard time finding it and went in the wrong direction down the highway at one point for about twenty minutes or so.  However thanks to some over the phone guidance from Jeff we managed to find Microsoft and Jeff.  He gave us a tour of his work, a tour which I've taken a few times now.  We got Halloween candy from some of his co-workers and then went to the employee store and museum.

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To Seattle and the end of newspapers

The Peace Arch
Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

Tomorrow Lydia and I are going to go to Seattle. I haven't alerted Jeffrey Weston yet, which I should do as soon as I blog this. The plot is that we're going to stay at a hostel because Lydia can get us a discount because she works at the one in Vancouver. What we're going to do there I'm not sure, though she wants to go to a store called Trader Joe's.

I'll probably make my way to the Apple Store. I like the Apple Store even if I'm short on cash and probably shouldn't go in there because it'll bankrupt me. Still those red iPod nanos are so very cool. I want a new iPod, oh do I ever.

The next week I'm planning on going to Kelowna. I need to hit up The Kelowna Daily Courier [kdc] for money and I like to do my begging in person. I should also start trying to drum up some ideas for articles because I haven't written a feature in quite some time.

This week I had to write two articles because they wouldn't run my first. I'll admit I shouldn't have been surprised that a newspaper wouldn't run an article where I claimed that newspapers would be obsolute in ten years and only a few would be able to survive the loss of readers that the internet is creating, but there you go I'm naive.

All in all it was more about the industry and my only comments about the DC was that they shouldn't keep their columnists and all their premier content hidden inside the paper and they should add it to their website. Oh, I also said they should add RSS feeds to their site. With the Kelowna website [cn] doing a really good job of news and having that premier content like columnists it's hard to see why The Courier wouldn't want to compete in the online space.

The real problem of course is that they get their money both from ads and subscriptions. If they offer too much online then they lose their subscription business. The fact is though that aside from the specific Kelowna columnists and local news there is nothing in the paper that you can't get off of the internet. With Castanet doing local news, why would you buy the paper?

The A&E supplement that I write for called eVent! [ep] puts my column online, and after a bit so do I [teotw], so it's not like it's unheard of around the newsroom. Still apparently I was a bit too radical, so I had to send in another article.

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What the girlfriend thinks of my blog layout and more

Lydia at coffee
Originally uploaded by Jeffery Simpson.

The girlfriend [dp] didn't like the colours of the blog that I had up since the weekend, and so we've changed that around, to please the adoring public.  However she also wanted me to take down the ad content on the side, saying it looked cheap (or cheesy I can't remember which) but I've kept them up.  I need what little cash I can squeeze from the Google ads and other online revenue streams to be able to pay for Typepad, which while a very awesome service is also kind of expensive for a non-professional like me.

Today after work I've got to run from Seymour and Robson down to Stanley Park's third beach for the Metroblogging Vancouver Meetup [mbv].  Lydia's going to meet me at work, we'll bus down to my apartment and grab the Mini and then after a stop at Safeway to pick something up for the potluck.  Maybe a nice cheesecake.

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