5 things since I last blogged

Rather than a long rambling post to get you up to speed here are 5 things that have happened since I was last blogging regularly.

Oliver in Target

  1. I had a son named Oliver: he's our first child and currently he's 15 months old. Not quite walking, not yet talking but still a lot of fun and work!
  2. I left EA and returned to Relic: My eight month contract at Electronic Arts got extended for an additional four months, and I had an offer to further extend it but left to return to Relic once the studio stabilized after being bought by SEGA.
  3. Travelled: Through Relic I had opportunities to travel to London and most recently Cologne Germany for Gamescom. With the family we've been to Palm Springs a few times to visit my snowbird parents and around the west coast of North America.
  4. Did I mention the baby?: Kids take up a lot of time, so have I mentioned Oliver yet? The last 15 months have been great, but often sleep deprived.
  5. Sports: Sport happens. Arsenal won the FA Cup. The Canucks missed the playoffs. The Oilers continued to draft young talent and then under perform in the league and I continue to go to Whitecaps games as a season ticket holder. 
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