Lumix GF2 first impressions

Lumix GF2A few weeks ago I wrote an article on the mirrorless camera trend for The Georgia Straight.  I tried a few out, particularly the Sony NEX which we use at Relic since the previous studio camera was stolen while on assignment.

The idea of a compact camera with interchangeable lenses and better image quality than a traditional point-and-shoot appealed to me and for awhile I was seriously considering getting the Nikon V1.  However I couldn't justify the price to myself given that I already have a serviceable Canon Rebel and a Canon S90 from a few years ago.

The Nikon is on the upper end of the price scale for these sorts of cameras so it wasn't a surprise that I was able to find cheaper alternatives.  What was a surprise was that after collecting Air Miles sporadically for nearly a decade I suddenly had enough to pick up what reviews say is a pretty decent mirrorless camera, the Panasonic Lumix GF2.  It's not the latest in the line, but it seemed to check all the boxes of what I was looking for; cheap, compact, wide selection of lenses and ability to add a view finder.

I've only played around with it a bit, but I plan on using it on my upcoming vactation.  Below are a few of the photographs I've taken with it.