God threatens me through Canada Post


Today there was a plain white envelope in the mailbox, with my name and address written in cursive handwriting.  Inside were five Christian pamphlets (pictured above), one of which was underlined in places to emphasize how cool Jesus is (also pictured above).  Now I'm an atheist, I've never hide that fact but I've also grown up and not being in high school have stopped trying to convert the world to my way of thinking.

Because that's just being a Fuckwad after the age of 16.  Before 16 it's fine, your brain hasn't grown properly and you're still of the belief that just because you really like Sloan's "Money City Maniacs" everyone should and if someone doesn't there's something wrong with them and they really need to listen to it again.  That goes for music, even really good music, and religion.

The point is, cool thanks for the mail.  The people who I know crazy enough to actually do this shit I don't give my address to.  I guess I'm just going to have to keep my address a secret when I move.  There's nothing like loosing that feeling of personal safety.  I personally would have preferred you used your direct line to God to make sure the Canucks won the Stanley Cup rather than sending some pamphlets with vaguely threatening intent.

So yeah, I'm a bit disappointed that I know someone who's such an anonymous coward.  That's not actually in keeping with anything God said, but hey who cares right?  

All I know is that when he awoke his body was covered in Coke fizz.