A letter to Superman

Yesterday I suspended a player from playing being able to play one of our games online after he attacked his own teammates and blew up their bases to help the other team win.  At the time I didn't notice that his email account was ClarkKent@blahblah.com, but I did when he emailed us to complain.  

This is the reply I sent.

And it was his decision to spell Nazi like Churchill says it.

Dear Clark Kent:  

We didn't realize that it was you when we suspended you from our game, Company of Heroes.  I don't know about the others around the Relic office but I personally am a big fan of your work for The Daily Planet, and the work you do on the side.  

You know what I mean.  In your... heh... formal wear.  

Even though, as I say, I'm a big fan of yours we are going to standby our decision to give you a three day suspension from online play.  Purposefully attacking members of your own team, for whatever reason does in our view violate 3.3.4 of our Terms of Service.  I know it's super boring when people quote the rules, but bear with me:

Anything that THQ deems outside the spirit of fair gameplay.  
Having their own teammate start attacking them can adversely affect a player's enjoyment of the game.  And while we're not superhuman and can't save everyone's game, we do have to try to make a difference where we can when people report this kind of activity.  
I understand that online gaming can sometimes be frustrating, and perhaps there were reasons that you feel were legitimate behind your actions.  However it is not something that we allow. 
I'm sorry you feel that this makes me a Nazy, however I do think that if you really think about it being suspended from a game isn't quite the same thing as what the Nazis did.  
Not to worry though, it's only a three day suspension and you'll be back fighting on the frontlines in no time.  
All the best.