My problem with True Blood

True Blood continues to try my patience this season.  I think it needs to do two things to really get back on track:

  1. Ditch some of the subplots: I don't really care about Layfayette and his boyfriend enough to sit through an extended dream sequence / drug trip and Jason and his panther girlfriend are excruciatingly annoying.
  2. Realize that not everyone is magic: One of the strengths of the first season was that the world was pretty much just like ours, except that vampires had revealed themselves to humans.  The premise seemed to be that they were rather rare, and it was a big reveal that Sam was anything but Sookie's boss.  Now every new character that arrives on the show is either introduced as being supernatural or if they're not they're clearly hiding something and turn out to be.  The new waitress at Merlotte's spent a few episodes being weird and then is now clearly going to turn out to be a witch.

The show is still good, and has the ability to provide some excellent moments such as Russell Eddington's murder of a television newscaster live-on-air.  It's best when it's focused on Billy, Sookie and Eric.  When it strays from the main narrative it starts to feel diluted.