My World Cup 2010

I do very well at sports betting pools.  Anytime I've joined them, whether free online or at with a small wager at work, I lose.  I'm too tribal, I pick the players I like to score and the teams I like to win.  Since the Edmonton Oilers, Vancouver Canucks, Arsenal or England have not won anything in years I also never prosper.  This year, this World Cup I swore would be different.

I entered two pools for this World Cup, both based on the results of games rather than players' scoring records.  One was a pool through Lydia's office and the other was with my old university friend Delme.  This time I picked who I thought would win.  I picked England to drop out after the second round, for Holland and Germany to do well and for Spain to win it all.  I made a few missteps, both France and Italy's dismal showings hurt and I didn't reckon on Argentina doing as well as they did.

Still I won both pools.  Lydia's office pool came down to the World Cup Final, and Spain's win pushed us over.  The pool between Delme and me ended with Delme at 62 points and me at 98 which was a far more comprehensive win.