First day at Relic


My first day at Relic was pretty damn great.  Before today anytime someone said that they loved their job, I never believed it.  I liked my job well enough.  I went to it, I did the job and I took the money, but I never really loved it.  If you'd have asked me if I'd rather lay in bed and watch daytime television or go into the store, I'd have taken terrible television every single time.

Granted there was no real heavy lifting today, it was all orientation and introductions.  I shook hands, met people whose names I promptly forgot and had there been babies there I would have kissed them.  But gosh darn, it was really great.  Tomorrow I suspect I'll start wadding into the actual work and perhaps some of the glossy finish will wear off, but I doubt it.  

I'm calling it now, this is going to be a very good year for me.


Image: Company of Heroes Online concept art [coho]