Where I quit the job I've had since 1997

Rogers on the corner of Robson and Seymour

I started working at Pacific Cellular after high school in 1997. The company was one of Canada's largest Rogers Wireless Dealers until it was bought by Digital Communications years later. By that point I had moved from the Kelowna store where I had started in the service department and worked at pretty much every position including Service Manager and Senior Sales Representative (basically store manager), and was working at my second Vancouver location managing the Rogers store on the corner of Seymour and Robson in downtown Vancouver.

So while the company letterhead has changed I've been working at the same job for thirteen years. It's an extraordinary long time, and it's been a time of change in the cellular industry. When I started the Nokia 6160 was the top of the line phone, and the cool feature on that was that you could play Snake and send SMS messages. Barely anyone under the age of twenty-five had a cellphone and we were still dealing with the odd car-phone. My first job was helping to install them in people's cars, something that with Bluetooth kits that clip on a sun-visor seems crazy now.

I'm finishing up at the end of May, and I already have a new job lined up for June. I'm holding back on saying what it is for now, since I'm still actually afraid that telling too many people will somehow jinx it. Like a goalie on a shut-out I'm a bit superstitious. But I can tell you I'll be working in the big glass building on the right in this picture [fkr].

How's that for being coy? But seriously I won't keep it a secret for long, I just need to pinch myself a few times to make sure I'm not dreaming.