I've been writing

Sorry for my complete lack of blogging in recent weeks.  So far the iPad is not quite the perfect blogging tool since the Squarespace online interface isn't super great for it and they don't have a workable iPad app yet.  I have however been writing elsewhere, and here's a quick look at what I've done:

  • I wrote about Augmented Reality for The Georgia Straight [tgs]
  • I've started getting paid to blog over at Techvibes [tv].  It's about technology and my list of posts can be found here [tv]
  • Then there's Twitter [twt].  There's always Twitter

Once I stop having to commute out to Surrey, and my time traveling to-and-from work gets cut down from two hours a day to about twenty minutes, I'll hopefully have more time to start blogging again.  

Ha, who am I kidding.  I'll spend all that extra time on drinking.