Look ma, I'm on the internet

This is my third time writing this post, so if I appear a little impatient I apologize. Things just keep getting eaten, which is what I get for keeping my blog in a drawer filled with moths. While I haven't been blogging that much recently, I have made a few appearances around the internet, and figured that it was about time that I pointed them out.

  • I'm on the latest edition of the comic book podcast Word Balloon [wb] which is a seriously great podcast hosted by John Siuntres. Siuntres was interviewed for my article on digital comics [tgs] and felt that I had taken one of his quotes out of context. I had the online version edited and in turn he invited me on his show for a debate on the digital future of comics. Apart from one really poor analogy I make comparing Spider-Man to Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead, which I'd explain in greater detail if you cared, I think I did alright even if I do have a voice that's perfect for print.

  • I wrote a follow up / supplementary piece to my comics article for the site's blog here [tgs]. I had another blog post ready to go, but the release of the iPad made it instantly out-of-date though it also proved me right.

  • An article I wrote awhile ago on catalouging media libraries fought its way into The Georgia Straight [tgs]. It had been so long since I wrote it that when I let Richard Smith know that it was in the paper he confessed that he could not even remember being interviewed for it. Lydia's friend Brie is also interviewed in the article, since she's a honest-to-goodness professional librarian.

  • Then I bought an iPad, which I reviewed for The Georgia Straight's blog [tgs]. It's currently also on the front page of the website.

I would write more, but then the moths might get to this post as well.