Digital comics and the iPad: my article in The Georgia Straight

From One the internet there are no word counts.  If I want to write a long, long post about how much I love the book U2: At the End of the World by Bill Flanagan [am] I can.  Nobody is going to read it, but nobody is going to stop me.  Newspapers of course don't have the same freedom, and while I normally relish hitting my assigned word count when writing on the digital future of comic books for this weeks The Georgia Straight [tgs] I could have easily doubled my 900 word limit without even breaking a sweat.

I had a lot of great interview material with some great and knowledgeable people including Filip Sablik the publisher of Top Cow, Micah Baldwin the CEO of one of the makers of digital comics reading software, Ethan Peackcock who owns Elfsar where I buy my weekly comics and John Siuntres who hosts the excellent podcast Word Balloon [wb] which I've been devoted to listening to for years.

I did write a few supplementary blog posts for the article which I'll link to when, and if, they go up.  They might not only for the reason that I wrote them in the dying hours before leaving for Iceland and they did tend towards the kind of delusion that Mel Gibson's character in Conspiracy Theory was prone to. Newspapers taped to walls with strings connecting disparate ideas sort of stuff.

Anyway the article is up [tgs], so go read it.