I'm kind of excited for the Winter Olympics

Sarah (left) and Lydia sport their new Olympic threads.

I know it's not the cool thing to say, but I'm starting to actually get excited for the 2010 Winter Olmypics here in Vancouver.  Lydia got us tickets to the Sled Hockey which is a Special Olympics sport and thanks to Chad we're going to the Canada vs. USA Men's Ice Hockey Round Robin game.  Having been to a few of the games when the World Junior Ice Hockey Championships were hosted here in 2006 I must say I'm looking forward to the atmosphere in the arena.  A good run by Canada's men's team in hockey might be the closest thing that Vancouver has had to Stanley Cup Fever since the Canucks' Stanley Cup run in 1994 [wp].

I lived in Kelowna in 1994, so I missed out on the celebrations and riots that went with that mad dash in the post season, but this could be my chance to make up for missing that.  I've got my Team Canada Luongo jersey from The Bay, and I'm ready to go.  Just a few more days and the madness starts, now as long as I avoid areas affected by the Olympic traffic shut downs I'll be fine.