Canada loses to the USA: a video


The Olympics have been great so far.  Despite the number of times I've wanted to commit vehicular homicide because pedestrians no longer bother to stop for oncoming traffic, and getting across downtown Vancouver can take an hour and a half, it's been fun.  I'll do a more complete post on everything in a few days once everything has calmed down.

The big thing that I've been able to do, and this is thanks to Chad who provided Lydia and me with tickets, was I got to go to the Men's Ice Hockey game between Canada and the United States of America.  We lost, but it was a great game and probably the best atmosphere I've seen inside GM Place (temporarily renamed Canada Hockey Place). 

A few days before going to the game I had watched the YouTube video "A Night At The Emirates" [yt] a really beautiful movie of a game between Arsenal and Liverpool recorded from a fan's perspective.  Having just seen that I decided to try the same thing with the Canada versus USA game, and the results are posted above.  Overall there's a lot of things about which I'm really happy with, and a few I'm not.  The original video does a good job of using visual cues to set the scene, a match program for example sets up that Arsenal are facing Liverpool while a newspaper lets a viewer know that Arsenal are in a bit of a slump and need a win.  My video has none of these contextual cues, mostly since I simply did not think to provide them at the time and I wanted all the footage to be from that game.  I didn't want to go back and film additional pickup footage, because this felt natural.

The music is the thing I'm most happy with.  It's called "Terry" and it's by A.C. Newman whose most famous from being one of the front men for The New Pornographers.  The music is used completely without permission or Newman's knowledge, but I think it fits perfectly.