Switching to a dSLR? I've got some advice for you

Picture of Iron Man taken with the Canon D3100 covered in the article.

Well not me, obviously.  Despite the fancy Iron Man picture above I'm not exactly a pro-style photographer, however people like Ben Hulse [bh] and Kellie Diguangco [rb] are and they weigh in on making the leap from point-and-shoot hobbyist to amateur auteur.  

I've known Ben since high school, we both spent grades 8-12 at Okanagan Mission Secondary [okm].  Part of the sad part of having a fixed word count is that sometimes the details get a bit lost, and so Ben's story about picking up photography thanks to Mr. Feldes' photography course at OKM was cut.  

(A quick look around the OKM website shows that there's now a Ms. Feldes teaching there, which makes me wonder about what happened to Mr. Feldes).  

Regardless of the potential marriages or sex changes for old high school teachers, The Georgia Straight article is now online [tgs] and will be hitting news stands later this week.