Birthday gift


In Maui Lydia got me a very cool Marvel hat that I have to photograph, but when I got back to Vancouver I saw that the Canucks had teamed up with local sweater company Granted [gt] to produce a limited edition sweater to celebrate the team's 40th year in the NHL.  I love my Olympic Cowichan style sweater, and Lydia has one of Granted's other sweaters so I figured this would be a great thing to get.

Unfortunately my bank account was dry following Maui and the purchase of a pair of Activision Spider-Man posters signed by Stan Lee at a fund raiser for The Brian Wood Memorial Trust [bwmt] at the start of the month.

Thankfully my parents, not having gotten me a gift yet, stepped up and funding my acquisition.  The sweater is one of only 200 made, and is available only through the team store.  It is very warm though and well worth the money I didn't have to spend on it.