The Onion knows us former CUP types too well #Nash72


Seriously though, Don Iveson mentioned this article [on] last night and it hits far too close to home.  It reminds me of how I felt talking with Christopher Poon [tgs] about CUP conferences at The Georgia Straight's Christmas party this year.  Titled "Former Editor Can't Believe Shit College Newspaper Is Printing" it hits far too close to home for a lot of I think.

Bartell's fears of a decline in journalistic integrity were further augmented by a profile of the new dining-services director, which failed to include information about the recent increase in meal-plan fees and the new two-pieces-of-fruit-per-student policy. 

"[New Editor-In-Chief] Casey [Aclin] has been a real disappointment," Bartell said. "In a story last Monday, instead of saying 'Dean of Students Charles Baker,' it just said 'Dean Baker.' That's a blatant disregard of Free Press style rules that never would have flown on my watch." 

"Never," he continued.