And I arrive in Edmonton

On the Canada Line to YVR

It was a typical Vancouver day when I left.  Walking from my apartment to Waterfront station to catch the Canada Line up to the airport I was soaked to the bone.  Thankfully my Timbuk2 bags tend to stand up to the rain pretty well, and by the time I found the proper place to catch the new Skytrain line and actually arrived at the airport I was dry for the most part.  The flight itself was uneventful, I slept through take-off and read through the rest of the flight, and I arrived in Edmonton at nine.

Edmonton is cold.  It's been awhile since I've experienced a real winter.  As much as Vancouver is wet and kind of miserable during these months, it's not actually that cold.  Sure you never feel dry, but there's a definite lack of biting cold that I noticed the minute I stepped out of the airport in Edmonton to flag down a taxi to take me to the Radisson where I'm staying.

Once I'd gotten a room I was about to go out to get some food.  Being cheap however I wanted to avoid cab fare, and yet it was late and I wanted to catch Late Night with Conan O'Brian at 12:30 so I did not want to set off walking anywhere.  At first I tried to go to the pub in the hotel, though walking in I realized that I had forgotten that I was here to speak at a Canadian University Press (CUP) National Conference (Nash).  A CUP Nash is a quick way to jump start the economies of any nearby pubs or bars, and the hotel's bar was packed with students.  Not feeling social I retreated to my room where I ended up ordering Boston Pizza delivery.  

The internet in the hotel is hit and miss, apparently having a student journalist conference hosted there is overwhelming their ability to provide access to the web.  So while I had thought to be blogging as much as I can, I might not be able to as much as I had hoped.  

Now it is late, by either Vancouver or Edmonton's standards, and I have to go to Bioware in the morning to work out what exactly I'm going to be saying at the first panel.  Still there is a made for television movie on the CBC about the 1972 Summit Series where professional hockey players from Canada and Russia met for the first time [wp].  That is tempting.  So very tempting.