iPhone last seen wearing black case


My iPhone was stolen from work today.  A pessimist would say that the loss of the phone is akin to losing about $700 right around the time that I'm having to co-fund a wedding with Lydia, her parents and mine.  An optimist would say that it was a perfect excuse to get a new iPhone 3GS with twice the memory.

It's a good thing I'm an optimist.

For now I'm back to using my iPod classic which is pictured here acting as my portable recording studio.  These days it's mostly used to record the interviews I do for The Georgia Straight's tech section [tgs].  I'll have another article appearing next week, which along with my GST check and a $100 gift card I won at work might help fund my iPhone upgrade.

Until Monday I probably won't be able to be reached by phone.  If you leave me a message I'll be able to check it and get back to you when I can.  Having no landline in my apartment it means that I'll be kind of cut off for the next little bit.