New Georgia Straight article: iPhone games

Parveen Kaler: iPhone developer. by Stephen Hui M y latest article for The Georgia Straight is now up online [tgs] and on the newsstands in the Meatspace edition.  Of the articles I've written for the Straight so far this was probably the most difficult, in that it was by far the most tightly focused.  The idea of doing an article on local schools that taught iPhone development seemed like a good idea, but the fact that only BCIT seems to be doing any thing like that limited my potential subjects.

For my Twitter article [tgs] for example I had pretty much every Twitterer in Vancouver to draw upon for interviews.  With this one I had far less in the way of options, and while I think everyone I managed to interview did a great job and I'm grateful there was less variety in the type of people I spoke with.  In the end I talked with three software developers, one who had taken the iPhone course and another who had taught it, and an administrator from BCIT.  There's no real opposing view to the notion that the course taught by BCIT, and the potential program, is a good idea.

Not that I was expecting to find someone who was against the teaching of iPhone development, it's not exactly abortion training or any sort of hot topic like that.

Still I'm happy with the outcome, and the fact that it made the paper.  If you're in Vancouver be sure to pick up a copy this week at the newsstand.  If you're not then use the internet and check it out.

Picture taken by Stephen Hui for The Georgia Straight.