Introducing Blogging Bendis


A fter admitting that I really had no idea what to do with my blog yesterday [js], I am pleased to announce that while I might not have figured out what I'm going to be doing with this personal blog specifically I have started a new blog.  Yes, another new blog.  This one is called Blogging Bendis [bb] and though it's only been a day, I'm pretty pleased with it.

A few years ago I tried to start a comic blog called Being Geek, which I felt was a pretty good title.  The problem was writing about all comics was kind of overwhelming and with paid bloggers covering comics there was not much that I could do in my spare time that would be as good as those sites.  Not wanting to simply run a second-rate-one-man Newsarama [nsr], I eventually deleted it.

It was not until I was in Seattle sitting on my friend Jeff's couch that the idea for Blogging Bendis came to me.  I had driven across the border for the Emerald City Comic Convention which I've gone to the last four years, and I was skimming through Daringfireball [df] and found a transcript for the talk that Daringfireball creator John Grubber did with Merlin Mann about how to blog better [rc].  A lot of the ideas they talked about really stuck with me, but the one that eventually lead to Blogging Bendis was that niche blogging was important.  As Mann put it:

Like, you’ve got something that you care a lot about, and you’re obsessed about — it’s almost like an intellectual fetish. And then you’ve got something that’s your angle on that. And to me, the more you zero in on both of those things — get crazy specific about the thing… Don’t just, don’t have a blog about Star Wars; have a blog about Jawas. Or, like, this one Jawa that’s just in the scene for a minute. Like, it’s gonna be so much easier for you to dominate, first of all; you’re gonna become the go-to guy for that one Jawa, right?

And so as the current sub-title of Blogging Bendis reads, Bendis is my Jawa.

I've got a more in-depth rational over why I chose to blog about one comic creator and why I selected Brian Michael Bendis specifically at the other site [bb].  However the new blog is a chance for me to try a few things that I've been interested in doing for awhile, including running a blog with no comments.  I'm also spending more time on the visual look of the blog, and as you can see from the graphic included in this post here, I've been using software to touch up pictures and in some cases add reflections, shadows and depth to 2D pictures.

I've also finally set up the Canon printer/scanner/ fax that I got when I got my Macbook, so I'm doing a lot of scanning myself as opposed to needing to Google for comic art to go along with the posts.  All of which I am sure is too inside baseball for you.

As I've said I'm still not certain what to do with this site, but for now anyway I do have something that's interesting me.