About something that is tasteful

235490703_997e0462fa_o L ydia [iatl] and I were in Victoria for the weekend, attending the wedding of one of her high school friends.  We carpooled and shared accomidations with her roomate Sarah [ywth] who was also attending the wedding.  I'm not sure how Sarah, who did not attend the same high school as Lydia and Erin (her friend who got married) is friends with Erin.  The part of my brain that keeps up with Lydia's legions of friends and their social circles is currently taken up by the plot of The Da Vinci Code, and there's sadly no way I'm going to be able to expunge that from my brain.

I mean I watched the movie and then read half the book, as if I was expecting that to be better and both featured heavily death by peanut.  A classic work of fiction this was not.

As a consequence of not knowing anyone I mostly spent the wedding standing about with a bottle of pop in one hand and a vacant expression on my face.  Lydia calls this being unfriendly, though I call it just not knowing anyone and not being outgoing at the best of times.  Everyone seemed to know both Lydia and Sarah, and nearly everyone seemed to expect Lydia to blog about the food at the wedding.  Everyone complimented Sarah on her always funny Twitter [twt].  I wanted to point out that I had a Twitter account, and I also had a blog.  Of course my blog at that point was password protected and only I had the code.

There's a few reasons that the blog was password protected for a spell.  The most pressing one was that in my last post before the blog got shut down I had revealed the ending to The Da Vinci Code and lawyers for Doubleday and Sony Pictures must have hacked into my account to shut me down.

If I'm not allowed to give spoilers for a book that was first published in 2003, then I'm not sure if I want to keep blogging.  So this might be me saying, "Jeff out."

Take care of yourselves.