The next stage of poop

4 Corners


"Sweet, I'm sleepy. It feels like the real thing. The doctors are confident the pills always win." — Matthew Good, "Suburbia" extended live lyrics

I don't think it's any secret that the ol' blog here has become a little bit stagnant.  I keep announcing that I'm back and that this time it'll be different but at the end of the day it's still laying fallow.  Recent real life events have made it even less likely that I'll have any interest in posting here.  I've got a lot of places where I can write with constraints, and I don't really feel like this is the place for that.

I'm not blogging one way, I'm unlikely to blog another way.  It's all very difficult to tell what to do.  I've had better success writing about specific subjects and topics but that's never been really what I've been interested in doing here, I've got side blogs for that sort of stuff.  So that's really poop.

I'm tired, and I'm cranky and I have to be in Surrey at a ridiculous hour tomorrow morning.  The problem is, with the exception of Surrey, that's pretty much always the case.  The internet is already full of sleep deprived yahoos venting their spleens online and maybe now that everyone and their local Social Media Expert has a blog it's outgrown me.