The Podcast: eReaders

Download EReaders

Nathan and I managed to get together some more podcast material.  This stuff is all from last year, it's just been sitting on hard drives and mini-discs for months upon months.  Here is the first thing we're going to release, which ironically is the last thing that we've recorded.  There is more to come, hopefully shortly.

There are a few different ways you can get the podcast.  The first is just by downloading it from this page, which will work fine.  More elegant is to visit The Podcast's special page [tpc] or the most special of them all (and the most iPod/iPhone friendly) is by downloading our podcast feed in iTunes [tpf].  I'm working on getting it submitted to the iTunes music store, but for now those work.

And yes again there is more on the way, we won't wait until next August to publish episode three.