The Georgia Straight geek gift guide is online

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The Georgia Straight's "Geek Gift Guide" written by yours truly is up online now [tgs].  It's a pretty good collection of some of the coolest gadget gifts that you can get this Christmas.  I was pretty happy that the Kindle was able to make an appearance, since I was going to go with the Sony eReader instead since Amazon's device was not available in Canada until a few days before the article was due.  There was also a really cool set of Sony Ericsson headphones that I ended up leaving off the list because I could not find them for sale anywhere in Vancouver and Sony Ericsson would not get back to me with where one would buy them in Canada.

The Canon PowerShot S90 is especially tasty looking.

Also for the record the Teddy Ruxpin reference was in there before 30 Rock made a Teddy Ruxpin joke in their last episode.