My new Georgia Straight article on geotagging is out


My latest, and last assigned, article for The Georgia Straight is running in this week's issue so if you're around Vancouver you can pick it up.  This article is about geotagging photos, which I got really excited by but kind of discovered that it's not quite ready for prime time.  It's really cool to have the geotagging information added automatically when I take a picture with my iPhone, but until it's seamless to put the same information onto photos taken with my other cameras I can't see it being something I do regularly. 

I used to use Flickr's map to drag photos around to position them, but now I'm so far behind on keeping up with that task that it's obvious that I'm never going to be able to finish.  For every photograph I position on the map I take twenty more.

The newest version of iPhoto, which just came out yesterday, adds a lot of geotagging functionality in it but again there's no easy way to get the information into the photos.  I think it's maybe a year or two off before somebody, maybe even Apple, figures out a good and painless way of doing it or GPS devices are built into every camera so that it's done automatically.

If you're not in the Lower Mainland and don't see The Straight on every street corner then you can head over to their website to read the article here [tgs]. 

Don't worry, there will be more articles on the way I just need to get a few new assignments with the paper.