Dream it up all over again



fter touring the Joshua Tree for years, making the concert film Rattle and Hum and generally being the earnest big stadium band of the 1980s' U2 retired, or at least they considered it. At the final concert of the Lovetown Tour where they played with B.B. King, Bono came told the crowd that U2 had to go away and "dream it up all over again". The band needed a new direction, a new sound and a new pair of very big sunglasses.

Having spent the last few hours first blogging about other people's blogs [mbv] and then trying to blog about my trip to Las Vegas I sort of feel like I need a new sound and a new pair of very big sunglasses. Having read through a lot of local Vancouver blogs I realize that the entire idea of personal blogging has really stopped being as appealing to me as it once was. Topic blogging is still something I like, and for example I remain very much in love with blogs like Daring Fireball [df] which for the most part has a purpose and a subject, but I've fallen out of love with the "and then I went to the park and it was sunny and the slide was fun and the sun got into my eyes but it was cool anyway and did I mention the sun? Sun!" sort of blog.

Goodness knows I can be accused of that; I've had this blog since December 2003, and that's pretty much the sole content of it. For a few years before I had a uJournal blog and it was quite similar except it had all the mood icons that I enjoyed setting to the frown-y gothic face on my posts. And yet reading through so many personal blogs I just could not shake the feeling that as much as I might dislike this about other people's blogs I was doing the same thing.

This isn't to discourage anyone else from blogging, or to say that I don't like person x's blog. I read lots of blogs, lots of personal blogs and enjoy them but I just feel that I've lost track of what I'm doing. I don't really have an audience in mind, am not sure that I have an audience at all and am not writing stuff that I myself would read.

So I'm not going to be blogging about Las Vegas, instead I'll direct you to check out my pictures from the trip on my flickr set that I made for it [fkr].spaceball.gif

Photo from Young Wing's fickr account [fkr].

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