Stephen Colbert meets Spider-Man and I think I still work at Elfsar


if you watch enough of The Colbert Report you might know that host Stephen Colbert is a big fan of comic books. Not only does he have his own comic series, based on Tek Jansen the science fiction character he developed based on his TV personality and one assumes William Shatner crossed with James Bond, but he's had Marvel's Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada on the show several times. Most notable was the episode where Quesada gave Colbert Captain America's shield following the character's death. The shield still hangs on the wall of the show's set and can be regularly seen during the interview portions of the show.

Since Colbert's aborted attempt to run for President earlier this year Marvel has been putting Colbert '08 ads in their comics, just as throw away background gags on billboards or car bumper stickers, showing that at least in the Marvel Universe Colbert's still running. Now he's about to be guest staring in an issue of Amazing Spider-Man. What's America's favorite right-wing parody pundit going to be doing with Spider-Man? I have no idea, but I suppose I'll find out when the issue comes out.

Speaking of comics I haven't had a shift at the comic book store since July, and I keep feeling like I should ask if I even work there when I go in. I'm still getting the staff discount, so I guess I can't complain too much but a shift or two would be nice. It feels like that year or so that I worked part-time at The Capitol Theatre in Westbank, I'd work a shift every month or so and enjoy the free movies. Of course before that I'd put in a good five or six years of hard labour under the same manager at Kelowna's Uptown and Paramount Theatres, so it wasn't like this where I'd only had a few one off shifts.

Story found via Newsarama:

Marvel has announced that Stephen Colbert will join with Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #573 by Slott, Wait, Romita and Oliffe [From Stephen Colbert Joins Spider-Man in Amazing #573]