As we prepare for Las Vegas

The Horseshore Saloon

there are only two more sleeps until I go to Las Vegas. If you do the math right, and don't count afternoon naps and the times I fall asleep watching the evening news, that means that I'll be on a plane and leaving Canada for the City of Sin and Celebrity Chefs on Thursday. Though Lydia [iatl] is going for the shopping and a meal at Bouchon Bistro [bb], I'm excited to go to the new Star Trek Experience. (I'd link to its webpage but apparently it's down which does not bode well for getting to have a drink in Quark's bar).

I've got a little money, but I doubt I'll be doing much gambling. The fact is the house always wins eventually and I'm not blessed with enough luck to make up for the fact that I can't be arsed gaining the needed skills. I might play some Blackjack since that's about the only card game that I feel like I've got enough knowledge of to make a game of it. Poker I can play on my iPhone that's about it. I don't understand most of the other games, and as far as I can tell there's no money and no fun to be had from playing the slots.

Apart from Lydia I'm going with the rest of my immediate family. My parents are heading to see Jay Leno, because apparently his nightly appearances on television have not been enough to convince them that the man is painfully unfunny, and Neal and his girlfriend MC are also coming. I don't think they're going to see Leno, so maybe they'll nerd it up with me at Star Trek.

Or maybe not.

One night we're also going to go see the Cirque Du Soleil show Love, which is the one that uses all the Beatles music. I'd been to one of their shows in Vancouver back in 2006 [mbv], and it was pretty impressive. I think the addition of the Beatles music will make it a bit more enjoyable for me. I mean I liked the last one I saw, but I didn't love it.

I'm not quite sure what the blogging situation will be while I'm gone. I've got to find out if the hotel we're staying at has Wi-Fi and depending on that I may or may not bring my Macbook. I will bring my iPhone, but I really don't like blogging on it, especially given that the fancy drop caps that I've been starting every post with is a bit of an HTML workout and with no copy-and-paste on the iPhone I'd have to remember all of it which clearly is not going to happen. If I don't blog before I go, and I don't bring my laptop, I'll do a summary post for the trip when I get back.