Down at the 764

Ryan arrives

Kelowna was a fun trip. Back in Vancouver now I've not yet had a chance to unpack, or even really sort through some of the stuff that I brought back to the coast but it was a really nice three days away and probably one of my best trips to Kelowna ever.  I would still probably agree with my younger self who claimed that Kelowna is a nice place to visit but you wouldn't want to live there, but damn is it a nice place to visit especially in the summer.

It never quite reached the car seat melting summer temperature highs that I had been hoping to experience as a cruel reminder of my pre-air condition days [jks], but apart from anytime we tried to go into my parents' pool it was well warm enough.  As soon as we got into that pool however the sun would set, or there'd be a cloud suddenly arriving on the scene to blot out the sun.

Ryan (pictured) and Ashley were also east from the lower mainland, there for Ashley's high school reunion.  Chad organized a night at Kelly 'O Bryan's on the night that Lydia and I arrived but by the time we got into town and got settled in with my parents it was too late to make it.  I did get to catch up with Chad when I stopped by his office and gave him his new iPhone. 

Lydia and I did the obligatory hitting of the local fruit stands and I stocked up on corn.  We did a bit of jet-skiing and I got a chance to sit down and write the article for The Straight [jks] that I've been fretting over.  I'm not yet sure when it's going to be running, but not to worry I'll pimp myself out so much when it does that you're unlikely to miss it.

We debated staying an extra day and were going to try to work out in our minds a way to get our shifts at work covered, but by the end of the three days we both felt poor and figured we needed the shifts.  Gas is expensive, and that was what was driving me to the poor house.  I used to think nothing of driving between Kelowna and Vancouver, but with a tank of gas for my Mini up around $60 the three or so tanks that it takes to get back and forth do tend to put the brakes on any trips.

For our summer just a weekend camping with Nathan and Krista and our trip to Toffino remain, which is a nice way to round out the summer.