Can you hear me Major Tom?

I've been trying to share my love of The Venture Brothers with people for awhile now, but it's hard to do. The show is so specifically tuned to me, that it's hard to imagine who else even finds it funny since nearly every reference seems as if the show's writers have been living inside my head. In fact for awhile I had assumed that the show was some sort of feverish dream that I had once had, and that it's existance had more to do with some kind of slowly creeping insanity on my part than the word of a television network.

Watch the first thirty seconds of the above episode for a perfect example of what I'm talking about. Recognize the dialouge? Yup that's right, and when David Bowie shows up in a later episode as a character, though sadly its not voiced by Bowie, it was the icing on the cake. Recently the "Firestarter" dancer from the Prodigy video showed up as a character, and that too nearly melted my brain.

Now if only Canada had the new episodes broadcast up here, or if I could find them... cough... floating around online.