Kelowna day 1/2

Charlie running

Despite plans to leave fairly early yesterday, and thanks to my GPS device sending me through Burnaby first, Lydia and I didn't get to Kelowna until about eight last night.  The drive itself was good, especially since everyone on the road was going the other way as they returned to Vancouver at the end of their long-weekend.  It's one of the many reminders that while working Saturdays and Sundays does have its drawbacks, it generally means that anything we do is a little less crowded.

Chad, Doug and Ryan had all made plans to meet-up at Kelly 'O Bryan's which is a Kelowna institution.  Sadly by the time we got into town and tracked down my parents to let us into the house it was well past time to meet-up with them.  Instead we ended up on a late night run to the Boston Pizza that's next door to where I used to work.  It's a place that I used to eat at on a near daily basis, but now since the only ones I know of in Vancouver by Metrotown and somewhere on Broadway, I rarely get to.

Once at my parents' old house, they've bought a new one since the last time I was in town, we played with the dogs a bit.  Well past his bedtime Charlie, my mother's new puppy, ran around the yard like someone had been feeding him Sugar Smacks until he was put to bed.  After that Lydia and I fell asleep watching the 1 am rebroadcast of the Daily Show.

Now I just need to get over my block and actually start the word processing on this article.  It's the opening that's bothering me, and so far all I have is a fairly lame size joke.