Kelowna never seems as hot as it should be

Lydia in Kelowna

We've never managed to hit Kelowna on a really nice weekend since I've moved to Vancouver. Last summer we came down during August and it was cloudy and only slightly warmer than Vancouver. It's because of this that Lydia has never been to the Okanagan when it's stupid hot. We're heading down tomorrow, but sadly even now it looks like we'll be lucky to have the heat top out at 37 degrees.

Oh it's plenty hot, don't worry but it's not quite the heat that I used to have to drive around in back before I owned a car with air-conditioning.  I'd have the window down and I'd still show up for work needing to change and have a mini shower in the Paramount's bathroom before my shift began.  37 degrees, why that's an almost livable temperature.

Essentially we've got three days when we were hoping to scout around for wedding stuff, since Kelowna is where we're planning on having the wedding.  Lydia got a bit disheartened after contacting her choice of a caterer and getting a rather uninterested response.  It seems that offering any information via email or phone is beneath them, but if we're okay with driving to Penticton and meeting them at a farmer's market then maybe they'll be willing to talk to us then.  Or we could go to their special $100 a plate dinner and talk to them there.

Clearly their business is running well enough that new customers aren't a concern.


I'm not sure if we'll end up able to meet with them or not this trip, but it would be nice to get that major planning bit out of the way.  As I see it the major things we need to organize is the two venues (one of which we think is sorted already), the food and then justice of the peace/minister type of person.  Or a sea captain.

My cousin Lindsy got married in Cuba [fkr], and when trying to price out locations and caterers that sort of starts looking nice.  Maybe not Cuba, but a place like Hawaii where my aunt Peggy and uncle Gregg got married is significantly cheaper on us, if not on our invited guests.  For some people it might be an excuse to have a really fun trip, for others it would be a reason not to come.  Which would be a pitty but it would make things even cheaper...

Now just to find a sea captain.