The yet unnamed podcast

My camp "beard"

Nathan and I have been working on a podcast.  Well that's to say we recorded it a bit over a month ago and he's been doing the heavy lifting editing required to bang it into shape.  So now that he's done the hard work of editing, I'm onto the fairly easy work of distribution.  That's right, he's the talent and I'm the manager.  Or something like that. 

Either way the podcast is quite a bit longer than we'll try to have it in the future.  I'm thinking closer to around thirty minutes is long enough, more than that and we start to get more annoying than we naturally are.  My voice in particular isn't something I'm particularly keen on, but since it's the only one I got I'll make do.  If you're wanting to hear the podcast via the internet, then head over to my .Me page [.me] and you can listen to it there. Otherwise you can download the file below, or click on the Podcast feed on the right to subscribe in iTunes or an RSS reader.

Next episode will be in a couple of years at our rate of production. 

Comments are, as always, welcome.

Download Tension.m4a

Photo by Lydia Skinner