The Jesus phone and my other blog


It is completely and entirely appropriate for you to tell me that I'm going to hell for this post.  Or rather for the picture to the left here.  However I've closed the comments so you can't do that can you.

It's just been awhile since I've played with my old friend the Church Sign Generator [csg] and so I figured that I'd have a little fun playing around with it while I try to drift off to sleep.

Meanwhile if you've been wanting to read some serious blogging from me then check out Metroblogging Vancouver.  In amongst some terrific new authors I blog about square watermelons [mbv], give an on the spot live blog of the downtown power outage from my cell phone [mbv] and go to a petting zoo at Maplewood Farms in North Vancouver [mbv].

All of that and more is waiting for you at Metroblogging Vancouver.  It's free, and maybe that's the sort of charity that will repay any existing deities for my blasphemies. 

I'm still closing the comments though.