Perhaps Geotagging on the iPhone 3G isn't that hot



I got a new iPhone 3G the other day and I love it.  Love it.  Love it.  Along side my Macbook it's the favorite thing that I own.  Even more than my car, which has dropped down in my list of objects of affection due to gas prices.

The application store is awesome, the new apps are great for the most part.  I like Twitterific, AIM and the Remote application the most.

I was also super excited about the Geotagging feature of the new iPhone, which uses GPS and other network data to tell the phone where a picture taken with the phone's camera was snapped.  I tried it out today while getting an ice tea at Blenz, but when I loaded the picture up to my Flickr [fkr] account I noticed that the positioning seemed a little... off.

How off?  Well a picture taken in downtown Vancouver was actually taken, according to the phone, was apparently taken in Hulunbeier, Nei Mongol.  I'm not sure where that is but a glance at the map, pictured above, it's obviously nowhere where anyone has built a Blenz coffee shop.  Unless the Vancouver based chain is really expanding into new markets.

Jeffery SimpsonComment