I'm blogging as Pierre Trudeau

DevilmaycareAm I the only one who finds it weird that there was a new James Bond novel published in May written by novelist Sebastian Faulks writing as James Bond creator Ian Fleming? There's something really wrong about that, isn't there?

Not wrong in continuing to write novels about James Bond. As a comic reader I have to accept that often characters live well beyond the point where their creators stop writing them. Spider-Man will outlive Stan Lee and it's been decades since Lee has had a direct hand in the character's fate anyway. But nobody is writing Spider-Man comics as Stan Lee, and nobody is drawing them as Steve Ditko. If Dan Slot writes an issue of Amazing Spider-Man it's Dan Slot writing it, not Dan Slot pretending to be Stan Lee.

Using a pseudonym isn't anything new, especially in the world of fiction. Steven King for example is rather famous for writing a number of books as other people, and while it's kind of odd it's nothing really controversial. What's odd is publishing a book about a character made famous by someone whose dead, and writing as that someone. Ian Felming is dead, he died a long time ago and I don't quite see what the point is pretending otherwise.

Unless the entire thing is some sort of meta-fiction exercise in which case it's just annoying.

For the rest of the week maybe I'll start blogging as dead people. Today I'll be posting as Pierre Trudeau, tomorrow Anthony Hopkins. Wait, what? Oh... Hopkins is still alive, so much for that idea.