The Apple TV arrives

  Project 365. Day 8. 
  Originally uploaded by Glenn Wolsey.

It took awhile for the Apple TV to really find it's niche.  Of course being obsessed with everything Apple I got it the first month it was out, but most people held off since it's purpose was not clearly evident. 

I liked it because it let me play all of my music from my iTunes on my living room stereo, and gave me a nice on screen interface to use so I was not constantly having to fiddle with my iPod.  Eventually I started watching television shows and video Podcasts on it as well, but music was still my main use.

When Apple updated the Apple TV to let users (in the US) rent movies I rented a few with the credit that I had on my American iTunes account.  It was fast and easy, much better than waiting a week for or walking down to the local Blockbuster.  But managing credit from a foreign account was not great, and so I've stopped renting them.

Now that movies can be rented in Canada things seem to be picking up for the Apple TV.  Issac phoned me yesterday asking about mine, since he's thinking of getting one.  Sean Tamaki text messaged me asking questions about them, though since he works at the new Apple Store in Vancouver I'd figure he'd be the pro, and Neal just called trying to decide to buy one.

Could the second half of 2008 be the (half) year of the Apple TV, the way that the second half of 2007 was the (half) year of the iPhone?