Metroblogging Vancouver: the Device To Root Out Evil, hockey songs and more

Upside down church: Device to Root Out Evil

I might not be blogging that much here, but over at Metroblogging Vancouver I've got a few posts up that might be worth checking out. 

The first is about the above sculpture named the Device To Root Out Evil which has been in the park next to my parents' apartment for the past few years.  It was new in Vancouver when I first moved downtown, and I used to pass it daily when I'd take the Skytrain to Metrotown for work.  Thanks to complaints about it blocking the sea-view from local condo owners it's been dismantled and moved to Calgary where they apparently appreciate art more than we do in Vancouver.  To learn more about the pieces interesting history check out the Metroblogging post here [mbv].

Meanwhile the notion that the CBC might not use the same theme song for Hockey Night In Canada that it's used since the late '60s has completely freaked out the internet.  It's like some kind of mental meltdown [mbv]. 

Lastly there's a bit about the new Apple Store that just opened in Vancouver [mbv], a post about Krazy! the comic and animation exhibit at the Vancouver Art Gallery [mbv] and a review of the R.E.M. concert at Deer Lake Part [mbv].