Obama: the next President, I hope

  Senator Barack Obama 
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I am not American, I don't live in America and I don't vote in their elections.  However like the rest of the world whoever is living in the White House affects my life a great deal.  Canada has troops in Afghanistan because of George W. Bush, and we pay a lot more at the gas pumps because of George W. Bush. 

A change is needed, and last night Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee for President and the man that I'm hoping wins.  Jeff Weston, a high school friend whose living in Seattle for work, had been hoping that Hilary won and seems to really dislike Obama.  I'll admit to not knowing enough about their substantive policy differences, other than Clinton was for the invasion of Iraq, and Obama was not, but I'm glad that Barack one.

Crazy pastor aside, I'm sure we'll be finding out that he's a complicated and flawed man as the real race for the Presidency begins now, but he offers far more than anyone has in a long time.  Change might seem like the buzz word of the moment, as does hope but I think those both fit. 

Anyway he does have the very nice feature of not being George W. Bush.  And now with Clinton out of the race, we think, he's the most non-George W. Bush like person in the race, and so I'm hoping he's going to win.