I'm still alive and my parents got a new dog

I just wanted to say that I'm still alive, just in case you thought that I might have died at some point during the Emerald City Comic Convention.  Working two jobs seems to eat up quite a bit of my time, and I've not been able to post as much as I'd like.  I will be changing that in the near future, though how I'm not quite sure.

In the meanwhile my parents got a new dog, well my mother did.  It's a Havanese [wp] and it's name is Charlie, because it's the same colours of a dog that my mom had years ago.  Charlie, the first one, was a part of the family before I was and lived for around sixteen years.  Hopefully Charlie 2.0 will have as long of a life.  But damn, puppies sure are cute little things aren't they?

Soon, blogging.  Yes.  For now though enjoy the puppy picture.  I have more of them on my Flickr site if you're interested in looking.  The Flickr link is in the sidebar.