It's Euro 2008 today

Euro 2008 Final Arsenal Kits

While I'm at work Euro 2008 is going to be winding up as the final is played between Germany and Spain at 11 am Pacific Standard Time today.  It's German versus Spain, and hopefully it'll be a fine ending to a fine tournament.  A tournament that for the most part I did not get to see, because it was held largely during the afternoon when I'm working.

Ah well, I'll try to catch updates online if it's not busy.  For my blog posts on the Euros check out my football (soccer) blog The Vancouver Gunner [av].  Likely it'll be another slow Sunday, what with the weather being so very beautiful.  It's like Okanagan level hot outside even this early in the morning, so I hope the air-conditioning holds out all day otherwise I'm going to be drowning in my own sweat.