My travels in the world of Windows Mobile begin


I've blogged about my troubles with getting a phone to use.  Banned from using my iPhone by work, and having sold off my BlackBerry 8800 I'm now trying out a work loaned Palm Treo 750.

I always loved my Palm Tungsten, which was my first PDA, but since the Treo line of phones have embraced the Windows Mobile platform I've been reluctant to try using one.  The main issue being the lack of Mac syncing, which has meant that I've been spending the last few hours trying to get this setup.

Currently though things are going well. I've got Tiny Twitter running on it and I'm blogging this very post on the phone. 

I just have to keep telling myself it's just until the iPhone 3G arrives, or I buy a BlackBerry Bold.

Edit:  As you can tell from the ganky picture, the camera portion of the device is kind of crappy.  Why the mobile posting application decides to put it in so large, thus exposing how terrible the picture quality is, is beyond me.