Going to see Nathan

Sight and sound

This morning I'm off to see Nathan early in the morning.  We've been talking around the notion of doing something, like a video show or a podcast for years and I'd like to finally record something.  I'm sure the fact that we've yet to come up with a subject, format or method of working together will in no way affect the quality of what we end up producing.  I mean let's face it, it's not like half the stuff in your average art gallery was made with any sort of planning.  Art isn't what you plan at, art is what happens when you just let yourself create.

Or at least that's what I'm sure my high school art teacher would have taught me if I hadn't of switched into band after the first week because I found the art kids too weird.  Now there's an alternate life to think about, how would I have settled into Okanagan Mission Secondary School if I'd have stayed in art. 

I'll tell you one thing for sure I would not have gotten lost in the bad part of Anaheim California with Karen Wilson while on a band trip.  Not that anything came of that adventure, we neither made out nor were we murdered for our Air Jordan's.