How I discovered The Big Bang Theory

Isaac, one of the corporate sales reps at work, suggested that I check out the sitcom The Big Bang Theory [stc], but his description of the cast (featuring one of the kids from Rosanne) wasn't quite enough to get me watching it right away.  However when Andy Ihnatko [twtr] started Twittering that the show was a certain type of people's Sex In The City, I figured I'd better check it out.  I mean the people that Ihnatko was talking about was nerds, and I'm kind of a big nerd.

At first I was worried I was going to be annoyed at the show, at least until I got to the above scene where the science of the first Superman movie was discussed.  Granted I'm not really a science guy, but I've got a book on the science of superheroes, and would love to get into that sort of totally dorky debate.  I mean I do work part-time at a comic book store, though sadly the job has yet to provide me with one "Who could win in a fight" style debate.

The scene is sort of ruined by the weird addition of music over it, as if strings make something funnier.  Still it's a good show, though unlike something like Friday Night Lights, I probably wouldn't recommend it to everyone.  I think maybe you've got to have something of the geek in you to really enjoy it, which I suppose is saying something about Isaac that he might not want spread about the internet.