Twittering for directions and David Cross in China

I went to Matt and Oana's place tonight as they resurrected their (nearly) weekly movie night.  Or if they did not resurrect it, then I've been able to finally make amends for whatever social mistakes I might have made the last time I was at their movie night, and got another invite.  The last time I was there we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, and this time it was The Vice Guide to Travel which was a compilation of short travel films by Vice Magazine featuring the sort of trips you'd never take to the places that no sane person would ever go.

Getting to their place was a bit of adventure [mbv], but thanks to Twitter I managed to find my way.  You might have seen my Tweets asking for help on my blog here.  I got lost and not having Matt and Oana's phone number, nor Ryan Cousineau's [wc] who was also going to be at the party, I had to Twitter from my phone asking for help.  A few minutes later a stranger called me and using Google Maps we managed to find my way there.

So Mark Hamilton, thanks for the help.

Above is one of the bonus features on the DVD, which shows David Cross (Mr. Show, Arrested Development) exploring China.  My favourite point of the video is when he's trying to buy bootleg DVDs of his shows and his travelling companion claims that Cross was in Scary Movie 3, to which Cross indignantly replied "Scary Movie 2".