The cellular conundrum

Broken iPhone

It's been awhile since I've gotten a new cell phone. I used to get a new phone ever few months so that I always was using a phone that we sold and because in Kelowna my rent was low enough that I could afford to be a little cash mad.  The last phone I got was the iPhone [jks], and I thought it was my perfect phone.  Oh it is, and apart from the fact that I've broken it and repair is going to cost $200 and if I do use it I'll be fired since Rogers is being trying to drive unlocked iPhones off their network.

So under threat of unemployment I'm needing a new phone, and hark there's a new iPhone and a few other options coming out soon.  After loving my first generation iPhone that I bought at the Apple Store in Seattle it would seem a no brainier that I'd get the new iPhone.  It's faster, has the ability to add third part applications and has a lot of new stuff.  It's a better phone and since I loved the iPhone why wouldn't I get it?

The one thing I didn't love about it was the lack of a physical keyboard.  I got as quick at typing on the phone as I think I'll ever manage to get but at the end of the day I did like my BlackBerry better for that.  I could touch type on the BlackBerry much faster than I could on the iPhone.  For blogging on the go that's a big deal.

So which phones am I looking at?  The rundown and my options after the jump.

Iphonejune102008 iPhone 3G


I loved my iPhone.  I loved it as the best iPod I've ever owned, and the best cellular phone I've ever owned.  I loved the web browsing, the fact that it was the real internet on my phone and not a stripped down and rearranged version that I'd come to know on my BlackBerry.

Most of all I loved the ease of syncing with my Mac.  When the company I worked for was sold the new company couldn't afford to keep our BlackBerry server service, so I lost over-the-air syncing of my contact numbers and date book information.  Syncing the BlackBerry with my Mac was once again necessary, since I don't keep my personal information on the share PCs at work, and while Mac syncing is possible it's kind of ugly.  With the iPhone I just would sync once daily and that would be for both my music and my information, and it was so smooth.


There is of course a few drawbacks, the main one being the fact that as cool as the touch keyboard is, it's just not as good for writing sizable emails or blog posts on though for texting and Twitter it's great. 

The other issue is durability.  I'm not particularly hard on my phones, I've never broken one in my life, but I broke my iPhone twice.  Now granted both times I had it out of the case, and one time was a clearly bad fall that would have finished off most phones, but still I can't afford to be paying $200 to fix a phone every few months.  BlackBerrys are much more durable, though they're no longer as tough as they used to be.  With my first few Blackberrys I'd literally hurl the phone across the store against a wall to demonstrate how durable they were.

Lastly at this point about two weeks after the announcement that Rogers would be carrying the iPhone I'm sick of it.  I really would be happy never hearing the word iPhone because my life has now literally turned into iPhone preparation.  Soon everyone and their dog will have an iPhone, and frankly I'm starting to want to stab some of the people asking about it in the eyes.  Further I think that the iPhone to douche-bag ratio will be fairly high, since it's less a really cool gadget than a status symbol.  At least that's how it feels working downtown Vancouver.

Also I've got a feeling that staff won't be allowed to buy the iPhone for the first month or so, depending on supplies.

Blackberry_bold_2 BlackBerry Bold


I am not a person whose particularly loyal to brands.  Okay back in elementary school I always wanted to wear Nike Air Jordans and I'd get a new pair every year, but since basketball shoes stopped being a major focal point of my identity there's not a lot of brands that I follow.  Apple's one of them and until the iPhone BlackBerry was the other one.  BlackBerry just do everything better than anyone else, and they work beautifully.  What was shocking to me about the iPhone was it did everything better than the BlackBerry.

Well almost everything.  Much has been made that the iPhone lacks copy and paste, which is a pain.  It's nice to be able to grab a bit of text from a web page to paste it into a blog post for a quote.  Also the Bold has a physical keyboard, which is a feature I miss.

Most of the cool new stuff in the iPhone, such as geotagging photos, is in the BlackBerry and TypePad also has a blogging program for the phone.  It's also got Wi-Fi and 3G like the iPhone.


Essentially we come to a question of whether or not I want to just carry an iPhone or whether I'm okay with carrying an iPod and a BlackBerry.  Only having one thing was really, really nice and though the BlackBerry does have media features like video and an MP3 player I've decided I'm too old to spend hours at a time trying to transfer movies and music onto a cell phone.  If it doesn't just work, I'm not going to put up with it.  That and having used a BlackBerry as an MP3 player before, the media player is kind of Rutland.

Nokian958gb Nokia N95


A five megapixel camera, the ability to broadcast live streaming video to the internet and a really really nice screen are a good reason to buy the N95.


It's more expensive than the other two phones, since I have to pay retail cost, and not only doesn't it have a QWERTY keyboard it's a regular old cellular keyboard.  Anything other than Flickr becomes really hard and annoying.  In truth apart from the cool factor of having such a nice camera, this really isn't an option.

The Dream Phone

The dream phone doesn't exist yet.  The iPhone comes really close, and if anyone is going to release the phone I want I've got a feeling it's going to be Apple.  Ideally I'd like something that I can use as a mobile computing platform for e-mail, blogging that's easy to type on with a physical QWERTY keyboard and syncs with iTunes.  Having a much nicer camera would be hot as well.