Hey Vancouver, win a free trip to the movies

Fellow Metroblogging Vancouver author Rebecca, known far-and-wide as Miss 604, is having a contest on her personal blog for free movie tickets for Get Smart and The Love Guru [m604]. Since I'm 1/1 on Miss 604 contests I figure I'll enter this one, because I'm for sure going to be going to see Get Smart, and Love Guru is a flick that I'd see for free but probably wouldn't pay for more Austin Powers style humour.

Personally I'm hoping to win Get Smart tickets.  As for you, well you'd better not enter, because that'll just make my own victory that much harder.  However you could enter, but if you win you do have to buy my book [jks].  For reals, it's one of the contest rules. 

It's the circle of life my friend.  You get a free movie.  I sell my book and Rebecca gets a better Technorati rank.  Everyone wins!  Well everyone except for people who haven't bought my book, they lose a little bit of potential joy every day.